Trips & The River

All rivers offer half day (3-4 hrs) or full day (4-6 hrs) trips, with a Float or Wade option. Due to the diversity of the rivers that are fished a raft with full fishing frame is used. Legacy Anglers carries two fly rods and a casting rod on each trip. All clients are encouraged to bring their own rods, leaders, and any fly patterns that they love to fish. Each trip will carry common patterns for the season and tippet, weight, etc.

Float Trip
Full Day: $300 for 1 person
                $400 for 2 people

Half Day: $200 for 1 person
                $300 for 2 people

Wade Trip
This trip will consist mainly of park and wade. Wet wading
will not be a problem during the warms months.  We
encourage our guests to bring their own waders and
boots.  We do have waders and boots but they are of limited

Full Day: $250 for 1 person
$300 for 2 people

Half Day: $175 for 1 person
$225 for 2 people

Intro to Flyfishing
$175 for one person (approx. 3 hours)

Does fly fishing “look too hard” to you? Many people who attempt it give up after one or two short fishing trips stating that casting was the problem. Casting requires practice and reinforcement, and catching fish on a fly rod requires much more than just a good cast. Flyfishing is made up of many different skills: figuring out what the fish are eating, how to get to the fish and not spook them, having the right equipment and how to use it, etc.This is a comprehensive class teaching these basics of flyfishing. It will cover three basic casts, basic knot tying, and discussion about equipment, flies, basic water reading and matching the hatch. This class will be conducted primarily on the water!

Important Trip Information
Full day trips include lunch, snacks, water to drink. A cooler will be taken on the trip, so feel free to bring your favorite drinks. Lunch menu will flow with the seasons; during cooler seasons, we will generally have something hot, such as stew or soup, along with deli style sandwiches. In hot months, there will be fruits and a deli style lunch. Choices of the lunch menu will be provided at reservation time. As much of our food as possible is local and/or natural/organic. Snack trips (half day trips) will include fruits, humus and crackers, Cliff Bars, etc. Again, water will be provided and there will be a cooler on the trips if there is anything extra that you want to bring.

It is important to note at Reservation Time if there are any food allergies, environmental allergies (i.e. Bees), etc. Also, if there are any severe medical conditions that could have a potential impact on the trip we need to know this at Reservation Time.

The customer is required to have a valid Tennessee Fishing License at time of trip. They can be purchased at several locations in the area including Walmart in Erwin. If purchasing online is easier for you here is the link: Tennessee Online Hunting & Fishing License Center

Cancellation Terms
· You may pay for your entire trip or make a deposit of $100 dollars per person at time of reservation.
· Deposits are non refundable.
· At anytime you can move your trip to a future non-scheduled day.
· If you “no show” (no contact from you up to one hour past meet time) there will be no refund of monies.

2016 Season

float trips
are available now!