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Rock Snot Gazette is the blog, hatch report and general ramblings from Legacy Anglers. A guide service located in Erwin, Tennessee. Just outside of Johnson City TN, we call the Nolichucky, Watauga and South Holston Rivers our home waters. We will do our best to keep you updated on river conditions, hatches, and common patterns. Also, as we stalk some of our other waters, having adventures we will keep you up on the shenanigans. One of the cool things about Legacy Anglers is that we have partnered with a local whitewater guide service, USA Raft, to help provide an all around great adventure. Folks, friends and family can choose between Fishing, rafting the class 3-4 Nolichucky Gorge or caving. Also, there is camping, cabins and a tiny house to stay in....check it out! www.legacyanglertn.com and www.usaraft.com

So for me this is a pretty big deal....being able to get back to guiding. You see, I started as a guide, a whitewater guide, back in the mid 90's. During that time I made some of the best friends and meet some of the most awesome people that I could have ever had the opportunity to come across. I got to travel the country, guiding in Idaho, TN, NC and WV. It was amazing! It was living at its finest and I had to step away from it for a few years. Time passed, situations ebbed and flowed and life, like the swirl of an eddy, brought me back to where I began. I get to be a guide again! Through the help of some pretty amazing friends, and family it starts again. The feel of the river under your boat, the sunburned skin, the conversation with new friends just made, and the bounty of working with nature. USA Raft was who I started with as a whitewater guide, so its a pretty big deal to have worked out a partnership with them. Almost like a homecoming. Well, enough of that, going to give ya'll the fishing report for the day. Written and produced with the help of a glass or two of Hell Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey

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